Investments with MyAiTrend

The debate regarding active and passive investing has been going on for decades. It is probably one of the most debated and researched topics in the investment industry. Regardless of this, the topic has in recent years received renewed attention with various investors from each side of the equation putting forward arguments and statistics to support their views.

MyAiTrend believes there is a happy medium for both active and passive investing. As a result MyAiTrend will soon be offering managed investment accounts which can be linked directly to your brokerage account. MyAiTrend can help create customized portfolios and automatically rebalance them to optimize the performance and generate alpha. Why buy an ETF and a specific stock when MyAiTrend can help create the most optimized portfolio based on your interest, risk and investment profile. MyAiTrend will redefine Robo Advisory by combining an active and passive investing approach, helping to actively monitor your investment portfolio and generate alpha by optimizing and re-calibrating your portfolio in both down and up markets. With MyAiTrend's Proprietary Methodology, Artificial Neural Networks, Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we will redefine the investment landscape. Investing will no longer be for the elites; it will be a privilege for all.