About MyAiTrend

For more than a century, ever since Charles Dow created the Dow Jones Industrial Index and the Dow Theory. People have been trying to perfect a unique method to stock analysis using various methodology, theories and indicators such as RSI, MACD, Stochastic oscillator, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci retracement, and etc. Up until now, a new and unique methodology was created, the MyAiTrend (MAT) Methodology.

MyAiTrend's (MAT) Methodology is focuses on technical analysis utilizing a proprietary methodology which analyzes all stocks using Artificial Intelligence to systematically perform a predictive analysis on the historical, current and future trend of the stock. Using a rigorous analytics process, MyAiTrend creates an easy to read graph comprised of the stock's current and future development stages with technical and fundamental indicators, highlighting optimal entry and exit points, allowing the user to capture the most alpha in every stock. The MAT Methodology's proprietary algorithm/theory is what sets MyAiTrend apart from the rest of the stock analysis applications. We believe we have found "the algorithm" for autonomous stock analysis.

MyAiTrend understands the obstacles each retail investor faces when they have no direct access to professional technical analysis nor do they have the time and resources to learn how to read the dozens of chart, technical indicators and patterns. With MyAiTrend, you will be able to quickly learn how to analyze stocks and reach your own conclusion similar to professional analysts. MyAiTrend is simple to use. The goal is to help you make smarter choices and invest more intelligently.


Three important principles which each user should follow when using MyAiTrend.

Spot and Follow the Trends
  • MyAiTrend does all the heavy lifting and helps you map out the trends in three different color schemas: Green - Up Trend, Yellow - Sideway and Red - Down Trend. Make sure you trade in the direction of that trend. Please note, since MyAiTrend is unique, our trend colors are different then what you may have accustom to.
Look for the Up and Down Arrow Indicator
  • Look and follow the indicators for optimal entry and exit points. For example if you want to buy, look for stocks that have the up arrow and a sideway trend, this indicates the stock is "likely" to gain momentum and a rise in price. The best place to buy is when you see the Up Arrow and sell when you see the Down Arrow. The arrows and color backdrop shades shows you the overall trend of the stock and the "likely" direction it is heading.
A Game Plan
  • It is important to develop your own strategy or game plan that is consistent with your goals (goals should center on risk and return). The penultimate goal is to make money, but how much or what percentage do you have in mind? What makes a successful trader is discipline and patience, the expected return and desired risk. MyAiTrend can provide the ability to manage your expectations and can provide you the informed insights to help make your smarter and invest intelligently.



The MyAiTrend Team